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Your smile is one of your biggest assets, as it is often the first thing others notice about you. Therefore, it can be disheartening to realize your teeth are looking more yellow than white. There are many reasons why you’ve lost the sparkle in your smile, including some that are within your control and others...

While the name may throw you off, laser crown lengthening is a procedure that doesn’t involve adjustments to your teeth at all. Rather, it can be considered as a Surgical Gingival Recontouring using advanced dental lasers. Crown lengthening is a unique cosmetic dental treatment that can be performed for a variety of reasons, ranging from...

You may know calculus as the hard subject in school, but mastery of it can lead to an exciting future in several different fields. Calculus on your teeth is also very hard. However, if it isn’t removed, it can lead to an unhappy future with poor oral health. Tartar may be a more familiar term....

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