Replacing missing teeth is an important part of oral health. Removable dentures are one of the most popular methods of replacement. In general, the average lifespan of such prosthetics is about five to ten years. Over time, your denture may not fit as well due to changes in your bone structure, as well as wear and tear on the dentures themselves.

When you have teeth missing, the jaw bones begin to shrink after a while. This shrinkage can cause your dentures to become loose. You may begin using more adhesive to keep them in place. They may become dislodged when you are speaking, eating, laughing or when you sneeze. This can be embarrassing. Food debris may get under your dentures more easily, causing pain and discomfort. Fortunately, loose dentures can be adjusted to fit better.

Relining Your Dentures

Dental adhesives are a good short-term solution to loose-fitting dentures, but for a longer lasting solution, your dentures may need to be relined. There are two types of relining, soft and hard. A soft relining re-molds the inner lining of your dentures. This is done by adding a polymer to the cleaned denture, inserting it into the mouth and waiting for it to set. Soft relining can last for several months or even years if the dentures receive proper care.

Hard relining is another, more permanent procedure. With this procedure, impressions are taken of the jaws and models are made and sent with the dentures to a lab. The dentures are then relined with hard plastic that duplicates the topography of the jaws. This procedure provides patients with a more comfortable and durable fit. However, it also requires you to be without your dentures during the time they are at the lab.

It is important to get your loose dentures to fit properly because they can cause health problems if the issue is not addressed. Friction between the dentures and the gums can cause inflammation of the gum and lead to mouth sores. This can be painful, but more importantly, it can also increase your risk for oral cancer.

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