Bothered by Your Peg Laterals?

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While every smile is unique, some individuals find themselves feeling a bit self-conscious about their grin due to smaller than usual lateral incisors. These tiny teeth, often referred to as 'peg laterals', can sometimes create aesthetic concerns for patients. At Barrera Advanced Dentistry in Torrance, we specialize in transforming these smiles. Let's delve into the world of peg laterals and learn who the ideal candidates for treatment are.

Peg Laterals: A Brief Overview

Peg laterals are congenitally smaller or narrower lateral incisors (the teeth next to your central incisors or front teeth). They can appear pointy, creating a space or making adjacent teeth look disproportionately larger.

Though peg laterals are a natural variation in tooth size, they can sometimes affect a person’s confidence, especially when smiling or speaking. Fortunately, modern dentistry offers an array of solutions.

Addressing Peg Laterals at Barrera Advanced Dentistry

At Barrera Advanced Dentistry, we pride ourselves on providing tailored treatments. Depending on the specific case and patient preference, there are multiple approaches to address peg laterals:

  1. Dental Bonding: Composite bonding material can be applied to reshape and enlarge the peg laterals, making them more proportional with neighboring teeth.
  2. Porcelain Veneers: Custom-made veneers can be placed over the peg laterals to improve their size and shape, ensuring a more harmonious smile.
  3. Dental Crowns: If the tooth structure is considerably compromised, a crown may be recommended to enhance both aesthetics and functionality.

Who is a Candidate for Peg Laterals Treatment?

Our Torrance dental clinic offers peg lateral treatment to patients with the following:

  • Aesthetic Concerns: If you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your smile due to smaller lateral incisors, you might be an excellent candidate for treatment.
  • Functional Issues: Occasionally, peg laterals can contribute to functional challenges, such as biting or speech issues. In such cases, corrective treatment becomes even more crucial.
  • Overall Dental Health: As with any dental procedure, candidates should have good oral hygiene and be free from active gum disease or untreated cavities.

During your consultation at Barrera Advanced Dentistry, our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the best treatment option tailored to your specific needs.

Regain a Confident Smile Today!

Embracing the nuances of every smile is essential, but if peg laterals are affecting your confidence or dental function, know that solutions are at hand. At Barrera Advanced Dentistry in Torrance, our commitment is to create smiles that our patients wear with pride and confidence. If you believe you or a loved one may benefit from peg lateral treatment, reach out to us. Together, let's craft the smile of your dreams!


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